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  • The standard Electrodip comes with an Autogate, wheels and the regulator is side mounted onto the machine.
  • The sides adjust automatically to the size of the sheep or lambs it is jetting.
  • Pumping system keeps pressure at the nozzles so there is no delay in jetting.
  • In the independent trial at Wallacevile Animal Research Centre a number of different jetting races were compared.  It showed that some jetting units using a centrifugal or firefighting pump used over 4 litres of wash to get just over 1 litre retained in the fleece of Merinos.  In the same trial, the Electrodip unit used less than 2 litres of wash to obtain the same result.
  • Solid galvanised construction and robust features that have proven themselves over 25 years

Autogate – Prevents jetting at low pressure as it closes to stop animals escaping.

Electronic Gate Shutoff – Prevents jetting when 12V battery loses power.

Regulator – Regulates pressure to keep an even pressure while jetting.

Covers – Reduces spray to the atmosphere, health and safety essentials.

Wheels – With removable lever to enable one person manouvering in the yards or between paddocks.

Battery tester – Attached to wiring so you can check that you have enough battery power.

Lice work – Has optional extensive side nozzles which are necessary for lice work.

Low volume – Applies chemical according to sheep size and wool cover.

Unequalled cost savings – Reduction in chemical use can pay for the machine in one season.

Ease of use – Owners claim sheep throughput of 12,000 per day.

Convenience – Able for use in yards or out in paddocks.

Environmentally friendly – Low wastage, farmer’s choice in environmentally sensitive areas.

Satisfaction guaranteed – Service and backup second to none.