The Original “Magic Eye” Sheep Jetter

The Electrodip is the original “magic eye” sheep jetter or spray race for the jetting and dipping of sheep at a constant high pressure with low volume.

Over the years, the continual development of the Electrodip has led to a machine where the chemical savings for dipping can pay for the cost of the machine in one season (depending on the size of the flock). But the real bonus is the time saving. What used to take days, now takes hours. Sheep can be jetted up to 1,500 per hour.

With over 25 years experience, we have 1,000’s of happy customers. The Electrodip has been tested and proven over time. Large holdings now have multiple Electrodips. They have been trialed by chemical companies and are a benchmark for chemical registration.

Electrodips have been sold the world over including New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europe and Asia where they are used for all types of jetting including fly, lice, scabmite and blue tounge.

Electrodip Ltd is still a family owned company and we manufacture our Electrodips to a high standard and provide quality after sales service.

Our latest model has self adjusting sides to automatically adjust to the size of the sheep being jetted.